Our bird banger products successfully address wildlife problems at airports (civilian and military), outpost/outfitter camps, oil and gas complexes, mining operations, land fill sites, farms and numerous industrial locations. Core areas of expertise include pyrotechnical cartridges and launchers, scare cannons, and electronic bird control systems.

Your professional source for safe, effective and humane solutions for dealing with a broad range of bird control problems. We supply bird control products that provide safety for personnel, prevent damage to property and eliminate costly work stoppages.


Bird Bangers
Pyrotechnics have proved very effective in dispersing birds without harming them. These bird banger cartridges travel down range and produce loud noises (up to 160dB) and visual effects. They include bangers, screamers and flaming whistlers. Bird bangers can be projected from a variety of pyrotechnical launchers.

ZON - The World’s Most Reliable & Popular LP Gas Bird Banger Cannon!

An effective solution to problem wildlife, ZON Scare Cannons are reliable and durable. Tough construction for all weather operation with low gas consumption. A 20 LB. propane gas tank delivers approximately 17,000 detonations! Detonation volume is adjustable from 100 – 125 decibels. With few moving parts (electronic models have no moving parts) and all-steel construction they deliver simple, maintenance free operation and are ideally suited for use in airports, seaports, landfill sites, agricultural fields, orchards – anywhere birds are not wanted.

Electronic Bird Control System

Bird Gard bird control products use digitally recorded bird distress calls and electronic harrassment sounds to repel targeted birds from crops, buildings, airports—anywhere birds are a nuisance. Systems are available in a variety of speaker and power configurations and can be customized for specific applications.

Avian Dissuader® Bird Control Laser

The Avian Dissuader® is a non - lethal, non harmful method of birdcontrol. It is handheld and designed to be used between dusk and dawn - primarily to deny the targeted birds their desired roost. Forcing birds to a different overnight roost usually means that they go somewhere else to forage (find food) during the day. Tested and proven against many species of birds - especially effective against Geese and Crows.

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ZON Bird Scare Cannons Are A Necessary Part Of Effective Bird Management & Bird Control Programs!

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